Sales & Marketing  Alignment

When there is conflict between sales and marketing, it can drastically stunt the growth of your business. Some friction can be a good thing but too much can derail the company’s growth trajectory significantly. Before this becomes an insurmountable problem, we can come in to be an objective third party mediator to help align sales and marketing. After understanding deeply where each department sits, we can make a determination on how best to move forward with sales and marketing in lock step. After all, both departments are responsible for delivering revenue and growth to the business. 

Commercial Team Effectiveness

Every team can improve and accelerate revenue performance. It’s impossible to ever be fully optimized from a sales and marketing perspective but by evaluating the processes and effectively identifying buying signals, you can maximize your team’s effectiveness. In order to efficiently see sales gains, sales and marketing processes need to be closely aligned with each other as well as with the customer’s journey. 


There are several metrics that should be measured and monitored to effectively understand the effectiveness of your team. We help identify those KPI’s and put processes into place that make measuring and monitor sales performance. We help to implement different sales accelerators that include improvements to the compensation plan, new systems and tools, and training programs. We advise and support management teams to put the right infrastructure into practice. 

Messaging and Brand Strategy

Having the focus to position your company appropriately can be difficult when you are trying to manage all of the other moving parts of your business. We can help you gain a clear perspective of how your customers perceive your brand. We understand that every brand is unique and multiple brands can exist under the same umbrella. We can help improve company positioning with effective messaging throughout your library of content.


In many cases technology has made it more difficult to control brand messages across different platforms, channels, and pieces of content. The relationship between the customer and the brand has now become one of the most important tools for marketing and sales growth. By doing objective analysis we help clients create and manage great brands.

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