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You know your customers better than anyone else and you know they are your primary source growth. But who are they, really? How do they consume information? Where do they go to learn? In order to grow, we must deeply understand our customers and their behaviors. We combine years of practical expertise in operations, sales, and marketing with the ability to deeply understand complex problems to help you develop a customer-centric, growth-oriented strategy. From stage to stage you’ll lose a percentage of your pipeline and we want to limit that loss.


Our sales and marketing capabilities span the entire customer journey. From a customer’s initial discovery to renewal, we can help!

Sales & Channel Management

A channel strategy can be an attractive and lucrative way to attack the market, but it’s not right for every company and every industry. We help our clients collect data on the market and determine which potential partners exist and if they are worth pursuing.Whether pursuing a partner channel or a direct channel, there are different considerations to managing your pipeline. We help our clients to understand the intricacies of managing a direct pipeline and partner pipeline and the challenges with each.


In emerging markets, channel sales may not be an option because the infrastructure for a robust partner network may not be available. A business may need to invest more in a direct to consumer model earlier on in your markets maturation. We help clients to make a determination on which channels are ready to pursue and which are underdeveloped. As the market matures and other products and services enter the marketplace, you can expand your strategy and invest in partnerships to build new inroads to the market.

Customer Lifecycle Analysis

We want to help you maximize revenue and margin at every step in the buyer’s journey, from acquisition to renewal. We work with clients to analyze the buyer’s journey through detailed interviews and data collection. We aim to drive up the lifetime value of a  customer through deep analytics at every stage in the process. We help clients identify holes in their customer experience and repair them to limit customer churn. 


By improving the customer experience, we create real and quantifiable value for companies. We help clients think through every interaction point with customers and determine how best to manage the customer experience. By building meaningful loyalty programs, we can better understand your new and existing customers. We help our clients fine tune these programs to maximize returns going forward.

Pricing Strategy

To maximize revenue and profit, it’s important to get pricing right. It is one of the most critical decisions for any business. Getting pricing wrong can lead to significant decreases in top-line results and even worse, the ability to turn a profit. We take an approach that takes into consideration both the supply and demand ends of the market:  how much does it cost to deliver and how much is the market willing to pay? This allows us to develop pricing models and sales incentives that see long term benefits.


Even small changes in your pricing models can translate into huge changes in profit and revenue. When deciding to change your pricing, there is a lot to consider. We believe in looking at all potential options when pricing is being examined. Multiple pricing models and fees should always be looked at before making a determination and the only way to measure the success of your pricing model is to always monitor your KPI’s.

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