Growth Readiness Analysis & Planning

When a company raises money, there is an added layer of pressure to deliver against revenue numbers. When a new group of investors gets thrown into the mix, they hold the team responsible to the expectations that were set during the raise. Sometimes the first reaction is to hire more salespeople but without the proper foundation to build a sales team on, growth will lag. We will come in and do an in depth analysis of your company’s readiness to grow aggressively. We can help develop an outline for specific roles and functions needed to meet your ambitious revenue targets.

Go-To-Market Strategy

We help to define the best possible go-to-market strategy and help put together the proper commercial organization to deliver against your revenue goals. Whether you’re creating a brand new market category or attempting to introduce a disruptive new product into a more mature market, there are complex choices to be made around your go-to-market strategy. A business needs to carefully choose their go-to-market strategy and get it right on the first attempt. There are several options when it comes to effectively and efficiently get your products or services to the customers..


As new market opportunities arise, many companies struggle to understand, segment and prioritize potential customers. This can lead to a “cookie cutter” approach to marketing and sales. We help to identify the highest-priority customer targets and tailor a compelling pitch to those particular targeted segments.

Product Market Fit Analysis

When it comes to determining their place in the market, companies often become product-centric rather than customer-centric. We help to bring a customer focus to developing new products that fit the need in the market. A key part of this is developing a deep understanding of the market as it exists today. Between your own product offerings and those of your competitor, we can uncover potential gaps and opportunities in the market.


Sometimes, when you get too close to the product, it becomes difficult to “see the forest through the trees”. We can bring a fresh, objective perspective into the important function of understanding where your company and products fit into complex markets.

Team Building Strategy

The most challenging part of building a business is managing the team dynamic. It is incredibly difficult to bring together groups of diverse personalities and transform them into a single, powerful, and cohesive team. So, how are successful teams built? Building a stellar team starts with hiring the right people. We help identify and clarify the unique roles within your organization and then develop criteria for the ideal candidate. We bring a data driven approach to interviewing and hiring.


Once a team is in place, building a culture of growth and success is crucial for the long term health of your business. We help develop creative programs to develop your organization's talent and keep them engaged. A powerful culture starts from the top and permeates down through the rest of the organization. To build a positive company culture, it takes intentional effort.

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